General Queries

What are the semester dates?


  • Fall Semester: August – January
  • Spring Semester: January – June

What courses do you offer?

Courses for 2019:
BTEC Level -3 Extended Diploma in Business, Computing, Art & Design

Courses for 2020:
Higher National Diploma in Business/Fashion & Design
International Undergraduate Programmes

What are the entry requirements for your courses?

What can I do after I have done BTEC Level-3?

You can get enrolled to HND/ Undergraduate courses at Beaconhouse International College or join any local for foreign university.

Can I visit the Campus?

What support do you offer for students with a disability or dyslexia?

The College is committed to promoting access for students who have a disability, dyslexia or a long-term medical condition. For information on the support we offer, visit us or write to us at info.btec@beaconhouse.net

What help can I get if I have difficulty with the work once I start my course?

For personal problems which may affect your work, you can speak to your personal tutor/ pastoral care coordinator or any member of staff in complete confidence. If they're unable to help with a particular problem, they'll help you find someone who can.

Programme Queries

What is BTEC?

BTEC stands for Business & Technology Education Council and was established in 1984.

BTEC is a suite of international qualifications taught across the globe by leading educational institutes. Learners who undertake a BTEC qualification develop a blend of in-depth knowledge and important skills specific to a vocational sector such as IT, Business, Art & design.

Why should I take a BTEC qualfication?

There is a growing gap between what employers want, and the abilities of school leavers and graduates. BTEC offers a solution. The content of the course is based on real employer needs, and students are assessed via the innovative BTEC assignment process, which gets students to complete tasks that reflect real industry challenges. The BTEC is shaped to be relevant to your local environment and is taught by professionals with experience and contacts within the relevant industry.

Where is BTEC Extended Diploma recognised?

IBCC recognises BTEC Level-3 Extended
Diplomas equivalent to HSSC (Humanities).

BTEC Level -3 Extended Diplomas are
equivalent to 3 complete A Levels Worldwide

Over 300 universities worldwide – including
several of The Times top 100 ranked
universities in USA, UK, China, Australia,
Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong

Over 100 professional bodies – including
Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Association of Chartered Certified
Accountants (ACCA), and the Institution of
Civil Engineers (ICE)

What’s the pathway to getting a university degree?

After successful completion of BTEC Extended Diploma Level-3, Student can progress to:

  • Local Colleges/Universities
  • Higher National Diploma at Beaconhouse International College
  • Foreign Universities

How do BTEC Extended Diplomas compared to A Level equivalent?

  • Distinction* (D*) grade equivalent to A Level A grade (56 points)
  • Distinction (D) grade equivalent to A Level grade between B and C (48 points)
  • Merit grade equivalent to A level grade between C and D (32 points)
  • Pass grade equivalent to A level grade between D and E (16 points)

BTEC has enabled me to progress to a top university to study for a sought-after degree. Through a combination of academic and practical learning, BTECs give people the skills they need to progress to employment and higher education. The qualification armed me with in-depth knowledge and real-life scenarios that I will be able to apply to the world of work.

Where can I find more information?

Contact us at
051-111-232-266 / 0302-8657222